Fiji’s best luxury resorts

Fiji’s best luxury resorts

Need some spoiling? These tropical hideaways are guaranteed to deliver.

Words by Ute Junker

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Vomo Island Resort

It’s a bit of a hike to The Rocks bar, located at the far point of Vomo Island Resort, but for a ringside seat at one of Fiji’s spectacular sunsets, it’s worth the effort. Kick back with one of six varieties of mojitos (try the passionfruit or the lemongrass), safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to walk back in the dark: there are cars standing by to drop you back at reception.

A stay at Vomo is all about the details. It’s also all about the space. With one resort on the whole island, there is plenty of room to stretch out. That means there are plenty of facilities – including a nine-hole golf course, a tennis court and a Kids Village – plenty of secluded coves and beaches, and plenty of room to spread out. The four- and five-bedroom beachfront residences are the ones to choose if you can afford it, coming complete with private pools and butler service.


Likuliku Lagoon Resort

I’ll admit, back when the adults-only Likuliku Lagoon Resort introduced Fiji’s first overwater bures, I was pretty sure they would be the best thing about a stay at this adults-only resort. Turns out, I was wrong – and not just because the roomy beachfront bures, half of which have their own plunge pools, are pretty special in their own right.

No, Likuliku has plenty of other features that get me excited, including an inviting spa and the miniature island that doubles as an al fresco bar. Top of the list for me, however, is… breakfast. No, really. Every meal at Likuliku is delicious, of course, but it’s the breakfasts – think mud crab omelette with chili and papaya relish and twice-baked gruyere soufflé with forest mushrooms – that really go a step beyond.


Turtle Island

It’s a bit startling to learn that one of Fiji’s most exclusive resorts has no in-room wi-fi. It’s even more startling to learn that that’s a deliberate choice. Turtle Island sells itself on a simple promise: this is a place for connecting. It’s about reconnecting with your partner and your family, it’s about connecting with the welcoming staff, who quickly start to feel like family. And it’s about connecting with other guests – with just 14 bures and meals served communally, you have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get away when you want to, however. The island has 12 beaches, so you can always find a place to laze in complete privacy. If you are in the mood for a tete a tete dinner, staff can set you up at a number of private dining locations, perhaps on a beach or atop a cliff.


Kokomo Private Island Fiji

There aren’t many resorts in Fiji that cater for superyachts, which tells you something about the level of luxury Kokomo Private Island Fiji operates on. Its sleek beachfront villas and private residences are some of the most expansive accommodations in the country. Food is another highlight, with a range of venues including a Mediterranean grill and a casual Asian diner. Many of the ingredients are sourced from the island’s farm or from the surrounding seas, including wild sea greens harvested as part of the marine foraging program.

Thanks to its location on the Great Astrolabe Reef – one of the world’s largest – Kokomo also offers superb snorkelling and diving, including the unforgettable opportunity to encounter manta rays.


Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

It’s no surprise that a resort established by a member of the Cousteau clan puts sustainability front and centre. It’s there in the design – using natural cross-flow ventilation instead of air conditioning, for example – and in the conservation projects, which include coral- and giant clam-breeding projects. And of course it’s there in the endless reef adventures, where you can drift dive along coral-coloured walls or explore underwater canyons.

More surprising, perhaps, is the way the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort pulls off the balancing act of catering for both couples and families. Adults-only areas, including a relaxing pool and a sophisticated restaurant, offer safe havens that are also beloved by parents whose children are safe in the company of squads of carers. There is a range of activities available, from nature hikes and mangrove tours to rainforest and waterfall hikes but really, it’s hard to tear yourself away from this much pampering.

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