Zietz MOCCA - Explore Africa: newest adventures don't stop at the safari

Explore Africa: newest adventures don’t stop at the safari

Explore Africa: newest adventures don’t stop at the safari

The Congo basin is one of Africa’s most pristine wildernesses, a mosaic of rainforest, swamp and savannah that stretches across six countries and more than 3 million square kilometres.

Words by Ute Junker

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Originally published in Australian Financial Review

The best launching point for travellers is the Republic of the Congo, not to be confused with its neighbour and near-namesake, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country that recently suffered the double blow of tourist kidnappings and an Ebola outbreak.

By contrast, Suzanne Bayly-Coupe of Classic Portfolio says the Republic of the Congo is a destination on the rise. “There is so much to do, from game drives to kayak-based river explorations to forest walks,” she says.

Wildlife spottings may include endangered forest elephant, buffalo and endangered lowland gorillas. Despite widespread poverty and electoral protests in 2016, Bayly-Coupe says the situation is now calm, and recommends that visitors spend some time in the capital, Brazzaville. “This is a sophisticated ‘little Paris of Africa’ with amazing architecture and seriously stylish people, [excellent] music and restaurants.”

Ride the rails to Angola

Africa’s most luxurious railway has a new route. Starting this month, Rovos Rail – known for bringing Edwardian-style train travel to Africa – is launching its first east-west journey.

The Trail of Two Oceans trip crosses the continent from the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam to Angola on the west coast, travelling along the Portuguese-built Benguela Line.

The 15-day itinerary takes in some lesser-known destinations, including Zambia’s Chisimba Falls and the Angolan city of Kuito in the heart of the ancient Ovimbundu kingdom.

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