This five-star ship will convert you to cruising

This five-star ship will convert you to cruising

Never been interested in cruising? The Scenic Eclipse will change your mind.

Words by Ute Junker

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More like a super-yacht than a cruise ship, the Scenic Eclipse is setting new standards.  Here are six things to love about this sleek new cruise ship.

  1. The suites

Less is definitely more on the Scenic Eclipse. The ship has just 114 suites, each of which is much roomier than your usual cruise ship cabin. Every suite has its own verandah, and comes equipped with butler service. There is a separate seating area and the bed can be tilted, for those who want to sit up and read in bed.

  1. The food

There are eight different dining options onboard. My personal favourite is Koko’s, the sleek Asian fusion restaurant which would make a great date-night venue, but Lumiere, where you can savour a French degustation dinner, is also very popular. The drinks selection is equally impressive; whisky lovers, for instance, can sample more than 100 different drops, from as far afield as Taiwan and Japan.

  1. The toys

Whether you are heading for the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the polar regions, the Scenic Eclipse offers more than just Zodiacs to play with. It has not one but two on-board helicopters which guests can use to explore from on high. And if you think that’s cool, wait until you get a look at the ship’s mini-submarine, which takes just six passengers to look beneath the surface of the waves.

  1. The spa

This is a ship that takes wellness seriously. Apart from booking in for treatments at the sprawling spa, you can enjoy sessions in the various saunas and steam rooms, enjoy a Yoga or Pilates sessions, or join in one of the evening wind-down sessions designed to help you enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

  1. The smooth sailing

Suffer from sea sickness? The ship’s over-sized zero-speed stabiliser fins cut roll by more than 85 per cent, and work even when the ship is stationery. Onboard sustainability measures include advanced wastewater treatment; the use of the highest grade of marine fuel; and a dynamic positioning system that keeps the ship in position without dropping anchor, particularly in delicate environments such as the polar regions.

  1. The all-inclusive rate

Perhaps the most joyous thing about the Scenic Eclipse is its all-inclusive rates. Step onboard and everything from your meals and drinks to the yoga sessions and shore excursions are all included in the upfront rate. That means you can kick back and relax without ever thinking twice.

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